What Are Civil And Industrial Engineering?

At Brotcke Well & Pump, we only employ the most trustworthy and talented civil and industrial engineers.  However, many people don’t know exactly what these engineers do, and how they differ from one another and other types of engineers.  To gain a better understanding of why exactly we’re the most capable engineers to take care of your well, you have to understand what we do.

Civil Engineering

A civil engineer is defined as an engineer who designs and maintains roads, bridges, dams, and similar structures.  That essentially means that they work on engineering things that will be used for the public good, and a well certainly fits under that category.  Civil engineers try to ensure the most efficient and effective operation and maintenance of all public works.  They try to cut down on power costs, increase productivity, and relieve community stresses.

Civil Engineering is said to be the oldest form of engineering.  Though we think of it in terms of complicated infrastructure, like maintenance of highways, civil engineering really refers to any engineering concerning the built environment.  The first civil engineers were probably beavers, building dams in order to create ponds in which to build their homes.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is defined as the branch of engineering concerned with the design and operation of industrial processes.  Industrial processes are those processes associated with industry, which is defined as economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.  Industrial wells are great tools, which we have and will continue to talk about in other blog posts.  Our industrial engineers are well equipped to work with our civil engineers and design the right well for you.

Depending on what type of well you need help rehabilitating, maintaining, designing, or constructing, you will be in need of a civil or industrial engineer.  Though the general skill set for engineering is standard across the board (a wealth of knowledge concerning science, mathematics, etc.), it is special that at Brotcke Well & Pump we have both civil and industrial engineers on staff to work on the projects that they have been specially trained to handle.

pump repair

Why Brotcke Is The Best For Missouri Pump Repair

If you’re in charge of well maintenance, you know what a stressful job it can be.  Each part of the system must be working perfectly in order to produce safe, potable water.  A well is nothing if you’re unable to access the water in it, and having a working pump is what allows you to access that water.  At Brotcke Well & Pump, we understand the importance of fast, professional, affordable water well maintenance.


A water well is not something that you can let stay out of commission for long.  Whereas other well maintenance companies lack the proper equipment and facilities to facilitate timely pump repair, Brotcke Well & Pump has a complete machine shop on the premises.  That means that whenever you need a well accessory, anytime, we can get it to you quickly and custom made.

Expert Staff

At Brotcke Well & Pump, we only hire the best, brightest, and most experienced civil and mechanical engineers.  Everyone who works for us is expertly trained in well design and maintenance, and because we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we know what we’re doing in the hiring process.

Full Service

Brotcke Well & Pump is a full service design-construct, municipal and industrial water well and pump service contractor.  We don’t outsource any part of our operation, and that means less in overhead costs for you, and exemplifies how we know the well business inside and out, top to bottom.  In hiring us, you aren’t just hiring pump repairers or turbine installers, but designers and engineers as well.

If you’re in the process of deciding whether or not you want to install a well or you’ve had one for years and are unsatisfied with current maintenance, contact Brotcke Well & Pump today.  With decades of experience and only the most highly trained staff, we’ve got you covered for all needed well maintenance.

personal well

Benefits of Personal Well Access

As our environment gets worse and access to water becomes scarcer, personal well access may prove to be more important than ever.  In this day and age, the benefits of having your own well have largely been forgotten in favor of the more dominant narrative of tap and bottled water being the only reliable sources for drinking.  However, as times get tougher and potable water becomes more valuable, relying on outside sources for your water could prove detrimental to your health and your wallet.

Staying Healthy

Water is vital for our survival, and should there one day be a lack of it in the United States, you don’t want to be caught up the proverbial (presumably dried up) creek without a paddle.  Having a well that you have personal access to will allow you primary access to water that others don’t have the benefit of.

Water The Next Gold?

Only 3% of the Earth’s surface is made up of fresh, drinkable water.  Oceans, though abounding with water, contain high amounts of salt that make their contents unsafe to drink.  Though desalination technology is advancing, it isn’t doing so nearly quickly enough to make up for the dearth of water being experienced in many countries today.  Investing in water, and thus investing in ways to get it, could prove extremely valuable in the years to come, and could end up making you a lot of money.

Peace of Mind

Though bottled water companies are largely trustworthy and tap water, in a lot of states, is safe to drink, there is a certain peace of mind that comes in knowing exactly where your water is coming from.  Though having your own well is a large responsibility, and its maintenance is contingent on your wise decision making to facilitate rehabilitation and similar cleanly practices, you are, for lack of a better term, the master of your own destiny.  Getting water from your own well that you personally take care of means that you have control over how good the water is that’s coming from it.

For all of your well maintenance needs, whether they be in regards to building, repair, or anything in between, contact Brotcke Well & Pump to find out more about owning and maintaining your own water well.

Geotechnical Drilling

At Brotcke Well & Pump, we won’t just help you design and maintain your water rehabilitation system, we’ll build it too.  A surprising amount of knowledge goes into knowing where and how to drill for the purpose of building a well, and hopefully you’ll use a water supply system servicer that knows what they’re doing when it comes to geotechnical drilling like we do.

What is it?

Geotechnical drilling refers to any time that one drills into the earth for the purpose of properly creating a structure in that spot.  It does not only consist of the drilling aspect of the process, but also of the testing of soil and/or rock that surrounds the site to ensure maximum safety and stability.

Why use it?

When building a structure as vital to your community as a water rehabilitation system, it’s important to acknowledge that though your well should certainly look presentable above ground, what’s going on below the surface is equally as important.  Understanding the area surrounding your water supply system is extremely necessary for knowing where and how you can build, as well as if you’re even starting out in the right place.

What does it have to do with water?

Besides the fact that geotechnical drilling allows you more knowledge about soil stability and classification, it can also help determine groundwater depth.  If your looking to build a well that uses groundwater as its source, then one of, if not the most important factor in building your well is determining how deep it should go.  Geotechnical drilling allows us to get the specifics on how to build your water supply system.

Geotechnical drilling is just one of the many things that we do at Brotcke Well & Pump, but it’s definitely one of the most important.  Understanding your water system inside out and top to bottom is our job as your professional water rehabilitation service providers, and it’s what we do best.


What You Need to Know About AirShock®

At Brotcke Well & Pump, we don’t just want to help you rehabilitate your water system, we want to help you keep it that way.  We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the latest, greatest, and simplest water rehabilitation technologies on the market, and thus, we need to let you know about AirShock®.

How Does it Work?

AirShock® works by way of an AIG, or AirShock® Impulse Generator.  The device generates high-pressure impulses of compressed gas in your water system, causing prevention of build up on well screens, gravel packs, and open-hole formations.  An AIG will fire automatically once every 2-3 seconds, and each blast lasts for only a few milliseconds.  This simple solution of merely using pressurized air in order to prevent build up is revolutionary and unparalleled in efficiency and capability.  If you’re seeing issues of build up in your water system, then consider installing AirShock® technology.  By the same token, if you have not yet developed your water supply system and are just starting the design process, start out right and invest in AirShock®.

What’s So Great About It?

Besides its invaluable ability to prevent build up within your well system, AirShock® is also environmentally friendly.  Because AirShock® uses air rather than chemicals, nothing unnatural is going to be released into your water supply.  This is better for your health, and better for the Earth.

How Long Will It Take to Install It?

We understand how frustrating well rehabilitation can be.  Though you’re obviously doing the right thing for the people who rely on your water system, putting your well out of commission for days at a time is never ideal.  Yet another of AirShock’s key qualities is the fact that it will only take a few hours to install, and once that’s over you’ll only need to let your well rest for one or two days.  Water is a necessity, and fixing your way to get it shouldn’t mean that you don’t have access to it.  AirShock®’s easy installation is quick, essentially hassle free, and very much worth the investment.

For a powerful, environmentally friendly, and efficient addition to your water supply system, contact Brotcke Well & Pump to get set up with your AirShock® Impulse Generator today!

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Water safety is nothing to mess with, and at Brotcke Well & Pump we have the tools to get the job done right.  In designing and constructing your water supply system, we know just about everything concerning the different parts that we’ll use in your system, and you should too. 

“Vertical” turbine pump?

The pump is the part of your water supply system that gets water to flow.  Though both submersible pumps and vertical turbine pumps both succeed in transporting water, submersible pumps are more typically used as they prevent against pump cavitation, a process in which vapor cavities are created in liquid.  Pump cavitation is largely caused by a liquid having to undergo major pressure changes in getting from its source to its destination, but sometimes that issue is inevitable.  If your water source is much deeper below ground than where you’re trying to pump it to, you may need to forego a submersible pump and go for a vertical turbine pump.  A vertical turbine pump is able to transport water over a great vertical distance, as they’re designed to access water sources located deep underground.

What’s the difference between vertical turbine and submersible?

Vertical turbine and submersible are the two main types of water pumps, so it’s important to know the difference between the two.  Besides the fact that vertical turbine pumps are typically used to access water that’s located deeper underground, the key difference between the two is that in a vertical turbine pump, the motor is located above ground, as opposed to underwater toward the bottom of the pump as it is in submersible pumps.  The motor in the vertical turbine pump is then connected using a long vertical shaft to attach to impellers near the base of the pump.

Vertical “turbine” pump?

The name is a little confusing, as, as we said above, vertical turbine pumps work by way of a motor, which is not, in fact, a turbine.  In actuality, the motor is usually powered by either diesel or an AC electrical induction motor.

When are they used?

Vertical turbine pumps are typically used for systems in which water must travel a large vertical distance to get to its destination.  Notable examples would be found in municipalities that rely on ground water rather than surface water, as they need that ground water to be pumped up at a sufficient pressure level so that it’s accessible to all citizens.  Vertical turbine pumps can be used beyond well systems too, and can be used to pump water from bodies of water such as rivers or reservoirs.

For any questions regarding water pump services, call Brotcke Well & Pump today!

What To Do When Water Issues Happen Suddenly

While a safe, clean, and easy to access water supply is something a lot of us are used to having, there are times when this might not be the case. In the event of a natural disaster or well pump failure you should know what steps you need to take to protect your family and solve water issues.

Check Power


Electrical outages are often guilty of causing water to stop flowing because pumps are reliant on electricity. If all your other electrical circuits seem fine, you can check to make sure the breaker is not thrown on your electrical panel. If it is and you can reset the switch. If your switch keeps getting thrown then this is a sign of a more serious electrical or issue that may require pump repair.

Keep A Water Filter Or A Few Gallons Of Bottled Water On Hand

If the power fails, you may not be able to get water from your well unless you have some type of back up electricity source so having water on hand is the best way to get by for awhile. Natural disasters can cause bacteria and contamination to occur in wells. A high-quality water filter such as those used by backpackers can be used to filter water that doesn’t taste right or has a cloudy appearance.

Assessing The Damage

Sometimes wells are just older and need a bit of help to get working properly again. Older wells are more likely to have unstable walls or cracks or holes in a pipe that can lead to bacteria intrusion. A change in the flow of groundwater or seismic activity can increase the problems

Contact Brotcke

When you are having water issues, it is usually best to call a professional that can get your water running clean as quickly as possible. Being without water for any longer than necessary is a huge inconvenience in the life of anyone. Brotcke can send a repair team out to you right away so you can get back to your life.

Well Pump Repair Vs Replacement: What You Must Know

At Brotcke, we do our best to offer you outstanding well pump repair service and replacement whenever you need it. We realize that the choice of repairing or replacing a well pump has significant financial and other consequences. Here are some things you should know when making these decisions.

Long Term Costs Can Be Lower With Replacement


Sometimes replacing a pump that is malfunctioning or that has a lot of worn parts is the best long term option. If we have to make extra trips out to your well to make repairs, you will have a separate service bill every time.  A few trips out and you have spent a good part of what a replacement would have cost.

Better Water Flow Rate

A new pump can be purchased that has more power than the one you have. If a pump is underpowered, then it will have to work harder over time and will often wear out faster than one that is more suited for the water demands of your household or business. Water flow rates can become particularly low if the pump was underpowered when new and is now starting to fail in some way.

When Repairing Is Best

Newer pumps and those that are sized correctly for your well can be fixed, and you can also have well rehabilitation done at the same time. This is a much cheaper solution than drilling a new well and replacing pumps and other parts.

Sometimes pumps simply have some part that fails due to the unique conditions of your well or from seismic or other natural occurrences. Even the top brands can sometimes have problems.

Determining The Right Size Pump

Brotcke can help by assessing the flow rate of your well and recommending pumps that are made to accommodate this level. Our well experts can also determine the overall health of your well so other repairs and cleaning can be done at the same time as pump replacement. Contact us today to schedule your well evaluation and pump repair appointment.

Top Signs You Might Need Your Well Rehabilitated

There is a lot that can be done to rehabilitate a well that is not performing up to expectations. It is not uncommon for older wells to need some help and maintenance over the years. Many of the causes for wells to experience contamination or other issues are beyond the control of the landowner.

If development goes in above your well, it could have an impact on your water quality for example. Here are some major signs that you might need water well rehabilitation services.

Decrease In Palatability

If your water has been clean and good tasting, and then you start to see a decline in quality, then it is important not to ignore this. A foul taste can mean that there is bacteria or debris in your water that can cause health problems and even create trouble for your equipment.

Extended Dry Period


Aquifers and wells can become depleted during times of drought. The lack of water level can cause debris from cave-ins to fall into your well. Pipes that were once submerged can suddenly be empty and even experience bacterial growth. Wells that are having cave in issues can lead to cracks and holes in the casing of your well that leads to organisms and dirt getting into your water.

Older Well With Unknown System

Some wells can be very old. Over the years, seismic activity and changing water flows can lead to unstable earth around your well. Well casings can get small cracks that can attract tree roots and other plans seeking water thus creating an even larger hole that can lead to well contamination.

Lack Of Water Pressure Or Flow

If you have seen a gradual or sudden drop in the flow of your well, then it is time to get it evaluated. Water well repair is much less expensive than getting a new well drilled. You will be glad that you contacted the well rehabilitation experts at Brotcke Well & Pump. Contact us at any time for the best service in the Midwest.

Water Well Repair Considerations

Those with a well may have to deal with some maintenance issues over the years. Here are some of the things you need to consider when it comes to water well repair.

All Pumps Are Not The Same

There is an enormous difference in quality and lifespan of different pumps. Higher grade components are simply going to last longer than cheaper ones. The type of metal used is also a factor. Stainless steel pumps with lifetime warranties cost more than others, but you should never have to replace the pump.

Replacement Can Be Better Than Repair

While Brotcke is experienced at pump repair, there are some situations where repairs are not a good long term choice. Service calls, special parts, and labor can all add up to it being more financially responsible to just replace your pump.

Water Well Rehabilitation Is Highly Effective

In many cases, wells that have some debris or bacteria in them can be successfully rehabilitated. The causes of loss of water quality can be well walls that are caving in or damaged casing. Floods and low water levels as well can cause issues.

Our process for water well rehabilitation uses food grade cleaners and high pressure to blast out build up and get your well running clean once again. Our tests will determine if your well is a good candidate for rehabilitation. If we cannot fix your well, then we can then talk to you about drilling a new well.

Experience And Response Time Matters


When you are experiencing water problems, then you need a firm that can respond to you immediately and has the experience to take care of the problem. Brotcke cares about you and does everything they can to get to you right away.

Machine Shop Expedites Repairs

Since Brotcke has our own machine shop, we can create any parts needed so you there is no unnecessary wait times for repairs on irrigation pumps and specialized industrial water systems. Contact us today for a well check up and let us get your water system in top condition.