Hydrological Investigation

Engineering water wells begins with a thorough understanding of the aquifer. Test holes are necessary to determine the aquifers integrity and locate an acceptable location for the new well. A location which has the following properties is highly desirable:

  • Saturated Thickness – High
  • Relative Density – Low
  • Coarseness of the Sand – High
  • Amount of Fines in the STRATUM – Low

From a single well to an entire field – BWP’s capabilities and track record speak for themselves. We provide our clients the data and analysis that allows them to make confident decisions.

well construction

A Hydrologic Engineering Study is approached as a multi-phase project at Brotcke Well & Pump, Inc. While there can be many variations from project to project, our approach is as follows:

  • PHASE 1 Test Boring Program
  • PHASE 2 Laboratory Sieve Analysis
  • PHASE 3 Test Well Construction and Pump Testing
  • PHASE 4 Engineering Analysis and Report


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  • Water Well Installation
  • Water Well Rehab
  • Pump Sales & Installation
  • Complete Pump Service and Repair
  • In-house Machine Shop Services
  • Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling
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